Tech Team in Fall 2020

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus pandemic, tech team’s ability to meet in person will be limited, but we won’t let that stop us from building something awesome!

The past few years, the tech team has worked on building a robotic garden that can self water and kill weeds using a herbicide through image recognition. This project was really successful and the group of members that have been working on it will continue refining it in the upcoming semester.

However, in order to engage students with interests outside of sustainable agriculture, we are going to broaden tech team’s focus and start out the year brainstorming ideas for new projects!

Tech team can sometimes also feel detached from the rest of the club because of the nature of its activity. While many other teams do their work during GBMs, most of tech team’s work is done outside of these meetings. For tech team, GBMs are used as check-in’s/weekly reports. This year we want to better integrate tech team into the general advocacy efforts of the club and showcase the tech team’s work in tandem with the work of other teams or build some tech with the purpose of helping the initiatives of other teams.

Looking forward to meeting new club members this upcoming fall semester!


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