Links to other environmental organizations websites, and a collection of articles and educational videos about different aspects of sustainability curated by our club members.

Sustainability at CMU

Environment at CMU

Carnegie Mellon’s official page documenting sustainability initiatives across campus

Scott Institute for Energy Innovation

The Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation is focused on developing and demonstrating the technologies, systems and policies needed to make the transition to a sustainable energy future.

Steinbrenner Institute of Environmental Education and Research

The Steinbrenner Institute is changing the way the world thinks and acts about the environment. The institute advances environmental education and research at Carnegie Mellon in many ways including fellowship, grants, and sustainable and research initiates.

Sustainability in Pittsburgh

Sunrise Movement Pittsburgh

Sunrise Movement is youth-led movement that advocates political action on climate change. Check out Pittsburgh’s Sunrise chapter.

Biophilia at Phipps Conservatory

Pittsburgh meets monthly at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens where, over delicious small-plates and light refreshments, a discipline or behavior is identified — often by an expert guest speaker — and discussed among the participants in the interest of sharing ideas and identifying opportunities.

Grow Pittsburgh

Grow Pittsburgh is a nonprofit that serves as a resource and guide for backyard, school and community gardeners, as well as urban farmers across the Greater Pittsburgh region

Sustainability Event Notes and Reviews

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Learn more about Environmental Justice

Learn more about Waste Management

Learn more about Energy

Learn more about Air Quality

Learn more about Environmental Policy

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