Carlow Campus Lab Coding Workshop

For the month of February, our group worked to help the 4th and 5th graders at The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University practice their coding skills through Scratch. Creating their own projects, students worked individually to come up with their own games and activities on Scratch about sustainability. Working with four classes total, twoContinue reading “Carlow Campus Lab Coding Workshop”

Carlow Campus Lab Carbon Cycle and Natural Disasters Workshop

In our last workshop for the fourth and fifth graders at the The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University in 2020 our group taught about the connections between the carbon cycle and natural disasters with climate change the impact that they have on these processes. For the fourth graders, we prepared an activity where theyContinue reading “Carlow Campus Lab Carbon Cycle and Natural Disasters Workshop”

Tech Group November Updates

We have finished putting together a mockup of our app on Adobe XD. This mockup was sent out to the rest of the club for feedback and can be accessed here. Each member of our team has taken responsibility for a portion of the app’s functionality and we plan to spend winter break building upContinue reading “Tech Group November Updates”

Amplify Your Voice with GASP!

Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) is a local Pittsburgh non-profit which has been working toward better air quality for over 50 years now. Pittsburgh has a deep history with air pollution. It has long dealt with the consequences of industrial polluters and currently ranks as the city with the 8th worst air quality in the countryContinue reading “Amplify Your Voice with GASP!”

Energy and Waste Conservation Workshops (Carlow Campus Lab)

On Wednesday, October 21st and Monday, October 26th, the Carlow Campus Lab group of Sustainable Earth met with 4th and 5th graders from The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University to work with the students on an energy and waste conservation workshop. Consisting of 4 Sustainable Earth members, Adrienne Orlic, Claire Chiang, Jenna Stanislaw, andContinue reading “Energy and Waste Conservation Workshops (Carlow Campus Lab)”

Advocacy September Updates

A vital aspect of working toward a more sustainable future is fighting for environmental justice. We feel that in order to adequately address the environmental injustices in and beyond Pittsburgh, it is important to work on a community level and support initiatives already in place. That is why this year, advocacy is looking to partnerContinue reading “Advocacy September Updates”