Sustainable Earth is organized into different teams each focusing on different strategies for pursuing our mission. Here are the teams:

Advocacy – The advocacy team seeks to engage students in discussing and taking actionable steps to improve campus sustainability and push the school leadership to take further actions on sustainability. Members of the advocacy team…

  • …help organize campus-wide events and workshops to educate and involve more students in discussions and actions
  • …work with the dining staff and the dining sustainability coordinator to organize sustainability-related educational events, and to improve the current waste management process
  • …lead protest or pledges to demand more radical changes from the school

Tech Team – The tech team works on a project integrating sustainability and technology. The current project is a robotic garden that can self water and kill weeds using a herbicide through image recognition. Tech team members are encouraged to pursue sustainability tech projects of their own interest and seek help from other environmentally minded technologists within the club.

Booth – The booth team works to develop an educational exhibit on an environmental or sustainable topic/issue for Spring Carnival. They also design and construct the roofed structure to house the exhibit. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus pandemic, Spring Carnival 2020 was cancelled so the booth was never built, however the design will come to fruition next Spring Carnival. The booth team is working on building a “Bambooth”, a booth made completely of bamboo. The exhibit will feature information about the dangers of cracker plants.

Community Garden – Members of Sustainable Earth help tend to the community garden every Sunday from 1-3pm* at 4636 Winthrop Street. About a ten minute walk from campus, the garden grows zucchini, tomatoes, raspberries and much more!

*Due to new COVID-19 safety precautions, the community garden is closed for the Fall. Garden events have been postponed until the spring.

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