Booth in Fall 2020

Last year, we began work on a Bambooth that was going to focus on educating the CMU and Pittsburgh community about the construction of a Cracker Plant that is located right outside of Allegheny County. A priority for this booth was to construct it completely out of sustainable materials, and we settled on Bamboo for the framework. We were able to source this Bamboo locally in Pittsburgh! Obviously, we were unable to construct the booth, but we still have all the Bamboo that was sourced.

Moving into this year, as we are uncertain about the state of Carnival (whether we will be able to build a booth, if we are going to be online, etc), I want to continue to brainstorm with the group about an effective way to educate CMU students and members of the Pittsburgh community about sustainability in our community. The cracker plant is a great example of this, however in our changing world there are connections that can be drawn between events that we have experienced in 2020 such as a global pandemic and large scale natural disasters and out overall club theme of environmental justice.

This year in booth I want to discuss the direction in which we will take our club booth, by either sticking with the Cracker plant track or focusing on other issues, and the ways in which we can create an accessible booth depending on what happens with Spring Carnival.

I am looking forward to getting started with work, and am so excited to hear everyones input!


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