Carlow Campus Lab Coding Workshop

For the month of February, our group worked to help the 4th and 5th graders at The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University practice their coding skills through Scratch. Creating their own projects, students worked individually to come up with their own games and activities on Scratch about sustainability.

Working with four classes total, two fourth grade classes and two fifth grade classes, our group (Belle Blanchard, Claire Chiang, Adrienne Orlic, Parik Radhakrishnan, Jenna Stanislaw, and Jocelyn Tseng) virtually joined the students during their class periods and gave short presentations to help the students brainstorm ideas for their projects. After a brainstorming session, each of our members was placed into a breakout room with a few students to help them with their code on Scratch to turn their ideas into reality.

Coming back after a week, our members gave another presentation connecting coding and sustainability, focusing on data analysis and how this can be used to help save habitats and track fresh water on our planet. After the discussion with the students, they were allowed to share their projects with the class and explain how their project related to sustainability. As always, the projects were beyond expectation, with students creating complicated games and stories in the span of a week.

For the next workshop we will be working with the students on their invention ideas for their Invention Convention. If you are interested in joining, our Slack channel is #carlow_campus_lab.


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