Amplify Your Voice with GASP!

Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) is a local Pittsburgh non-profit which has been working toward better air quality for over 50 years now. Pittsburgh has a deep history with air pollution. It has long dealt with the consequences of industrial polluters and currently ranks as the city with the 8th worst air quality in the country by year round particle pollution.1

Air pollution does not affect everyone equally. It is an issue deeply tied to environmental justice. Poorer neighborhoods and communities of color are often more likely to be exposed to air pollution due to things like proximity to factories and highways.2 Because of this, GASP would like to amplify the voices of Pittsburgh community members and learn more about how they can use their skill sets to be agents for positive change. 

They invite anyone in the Pittsburgh community, especially young people, to tell us your story with air pollution: how it has affected you and/or the people around you, what changes you’d like to see, etc. This can be presented through any art form you see fit.

For more information, check out GASP’s website and email their communications manager, Amanda Gillooly, at to let her know that you’d like to get involved. 

For inspiration, here are two examples of past entries:




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