Advocacy September Updates

A vital aspect of working toward a more sustainable future is fighting for environmental justice. We feel that in order to adequately address the environmental injustices in and beyond Pittsburgh, it is important to work on a community level and support initiatives already in place. That is why this year, advocacy is looking to partner with Pittsburgh organizations focused on sustainability and environmental justice.

We are currently in the process of reaching out to non-profits in hopes of establishing long-lasting relationships with these organizations and the communities they work with. Through our partnerships, we intend to support projects these non-profits are already working on and to educate CMU’s community on the environmental injustices within Pittsburgh.

It is necessary to recognize that Carnegie Mellon University occupies space within this city, and that as an institution, it contributes toward systems which do not always benefit the Pittsburgh community. As a club within the university, we hope that through championing existing, meaningful projects, students can build a stronger connection to the city which hosts them, learn more about the work of Pittsburgh’s community leaders, and be better Pittsburgh citizens.


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