Advocacy September Updates

A vital aspect of working toward a more sustainable future is fighting for environmental justice. We feel that in order to adequately address the environmental injustices in and beyond Pittsburgh, it is important to work on a community level and support initiatives already in place. That is why this year, advocacy is looking to partnerContinue reading “Advocacy September Updates”

Environmenstrual 2020

Inspired by the UK Environmenstrual Week of Action, Sustainable Earth has started an annual event centering period taboo and access to menstrual care. Nationwide and worldwide, people that menstruate face cultural stigma and insufficient healthcare to the point where they cannot go about their days safely. Additionally, many available period products are harmful to bothContinue reading “Environmenstrual 2020”

Tech Group September Updates

This month, we spent brainstorming ideas for a project. We came up with three main ideas: (1) An app that lets users know what items are recyclable at different dining locations around campus (2) An app that hosts sustainability challenges for students to complete around campus and gives them real rewards such as coupons forContinue reading “Tech Group September Updates”

Carlow Campus Lab September Updates

This academic year we are continuing to partner with The Campus Laboratory School of Carlow University on educating 4th and 5th graders about different topics of sustainability. Meeting every week, our group is planning monthly virtual lessons and activities with the students to get them involved and engaged in sustainability. The first session, happening inContinue reading “Carlow Campus Lab September Updates”