Beefless Schatz

In order to promote plant based diets, Sustainable Earth partnered with Chartwells, CMU’s dining service, to host a “Beefless” event. Beef requires a lot of energy to produce and is less environmentally friendly than other meat options such as chicken and fish. The event was hosted in the Schatz Dining Room, CMU’s buffet dining location. More vegetarian options were offered and beef was eliminated from the menu.

To supplement the beefless menu, Sustainable Earth members, tabled during the dinner session. Club members engaged diners in a fun spin the wheel trivia game where if diners answered a question about sustainable diets correctly, they could win a reusable water bottle or reusable boba straw! Diners could also sign a pledge board with a commitment to add a sustainable practice into their daily routines. They could also read infographics our club members curated and made to learn more about the impact of diets on the environment.

While students enjoyed their food, Chemistry Professor Neil Donahue spoke about his research looking at human interaction with the atmosphere. Rebecca Gilbert, founder of Yummy Plants spoke about her journey to becoming vegan and her book It’s Easy to Start Eating Vegan.


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