Environmenstrual 2019

Each year Sustainable Earth partners with F.E.M.M.E (Feminists Engaged in Multicultural Matters and Education) to participate in the week long Environmenstrual Campaign.

What is Environmenstrual?

Environmenstrual is a UK based campaign by the Women’s Environmental Network. Its goals are to bring awareness of the effects of period poverty, to increase the use of sustainable period products, to make these sustainable products affordable and available to all menstruators and to break the taboo around periods.

Members from Sustainable Earth and FEMME spend the week tabling around campus engaging with students and selling sustainable period items plus other club merchandise to raise money for different organizations. Some of the sustainable period items include reusable pads from GladRags and DivaCups.

The paths along The Cut are also lined with posters showcasing different facts about the environmental impact of periods and period poverty.

The campaign is then wrapped up with a workshop in which attendees learn about the different sustainable period products available to them, how they can help end period poverty and how to navigate uncomfortable discussions around periods in order to break the taboo. Check out the slides from the workshop here!


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